▍…couldn’t resist editing one of my favorite photos from ohevers:3

Anonymous: Hi! I am sorry to bother you, but do you remember what font you used on the preview picture for the Wadsworth Starter House Download? (:

Hi there! :) Nahh, it’s no bother. The font is called Apollos Mum and you can dl it here. The one below it is Proxima Nova (a really nifty sans serif font for all you font lovers out there ;)).

▍Willow Creek at day

▍Willow Creek


hey simblr! okay, suuuuper sorry to all those who have asked for the furnished version of the wadsworth home. i’ve been away from my “gaming” computer (the imac) for a while coz i really have no time. anyhoo, i’ll try and gather up the cc by next week coz we’re going on a roadtrip over the weekend. (woohoo!) really sorry D:

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