▎…seriously love this game. 

▎Oasis Springs ♥ 

Just some questions to anyone who might know, coz google isn’t helping much — are ceilings re-colorable in TS4? I’m trying to do it ala-TS3 (ie. using floor tiles while viewing the ceiling) but that doesn’t seem to work.

Also, does the ‘headlineeffects’ cheat not affect the plumbob on selected sims like it did in TS3? Been trying to get rid of it but I cannot. D:

Thanksies in advance! :D


Very much inspired by a house (x) I made waaaay back in TS3! :D I CANNOT stop buildinggg. (Sorry for terrible angle tho. My sim is jerk poor so much of the house is devoid of landscape-y things :P) 

▎Oasis Springs

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