= aw yeah sims;

Hiya simblr! Sorry for not posting for quite some time. Just uni and other stuff filling up my schedule so TS3 was kinda pushed aside. :P But I had a one week break tho so I had some time to open up my game (and this blog haha).

Not TS3 though! So here’s a little pic spam of TSM coz I got jealous from all the pretty pics that showed up on my dash and decided to grab it :D Aside from the hella horrible camera, this game is so preeeetty, and quite entertaining! I totally shouldn’t have neglected it. I really dig the slight cartoony feel as well. :3

▎St. Claire

 ▎Enekjaer + snow

fudgelab: Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your scenery pictures. ♥ And are you still working on your CAW project from a few months back? (:

Thanks a bunch! <3 But sadly, no, I’ve decided to put that project off… for good. As much as I love what I’ve started, I neither have the time nor patience to finish it. D:

I am, however, trying to get back into building and such again and I’m planning on filling up this very lovely empty world I found a few weeks back. :)

huntressaela: hello friend! your sims edits are such good quality - i was just wondering what you use to do this? thanks in advance

hi there! :) first off thank you! <3 and as for what I use, I use Photoshop CS6 and I use this .psd to edit my pics. :3